The man behind star wars george lucas

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The New Force Behind Star Wars

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Watch George Lucas & James Cameron Dissect the Truth Behind Star Wars

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The Man Behind Star Wars: George Lucas

Since fans know pretty much all there is to know about the film franchise, we thought it'd be fun to explore non-Star Wars trivia on creator George Lucas. Aug 01,  · As Abrams dips a toe into the microblog site has claimed its share of victims, it’s solid that he calls out the man behind the Star Wars phenomenon.

Lucas sold the rights to his universe to Disney in the $4 billion Lucasfilm deal inand the Bob Iger-led company has moved on with its Star Wars films and a pair of stand-alone.

– George Lucas.

George Lucas

George Lucas is, perhaps, one of the best known directors in American film. He stands beside directors like Spielberg, Tarantino, and Peter Jackson, known for creating some of the most iconic films in history. Indiana Jones and Star Wars have undoubtedly shaped popular culture and have changed the landscape of film, TV, comics, and books.

His stories have inspired science fiction writers. Nov 15,  · Star Wars is awesome and the creator George Lucas has an amazing story too. Join us as we share fun facts for kids. Learn about the man behind Star Wars, George Lucas. Nov 05,  · Forbes Editors' Picks Forbes Insights: AI The Bonkers Star Wars Theory, The Man Behind It, And What George Lucas Officially Thinks Of It George Lucas, though, says that we maybe shouldn.

Even though George Lucas handed off directing duties for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, he was still the driving creative force behind the first three Star Wars .

The man behind star wars george lucas
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