The controversy over animal testing essay

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Animal Testing: Pros and Cons Essay

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Animal Testing Animal testing (also known as animal experimentation or animal research) is the use of non-human animal models for research and development by academic institutes and commercial pharmaceutical companies.

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Animal Rights Essay Animal Rights - A Hopeless Fight for Life. inhumane, and it is.

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Unfortunately this is the fate of over ten billion animals every single year (Animal 1). Animal protests have a long and turbulent history, from their emergence in the twentieth century to the last decade.

Since the s and s, protests increased a great deal although they have fizzled out somewhat over the last several years. The Controversy Over Animal Testing Essay Words | 8 Pages From when you are a baby to when you are an adult animal testing is used in your everyday products.

Animal Experimentation—When Do the Ends lustify the Means? Number 5 InI became involved in the ani- and the testing of con-sumer goods for toxicity, safety, irrita-tion, mutations, cancer, or birth defects.

later in this essay. Keal putxlc debate over animal exper-iments did not surface until the seven-teenth and eighteenth.

The controversy over animal testing essay
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