The concept of a soul in a man

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Ancient Theories of Soul

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In theology, the soul is further defined as that part of the individual which partakes of divinity and. Traditional Judaism firmly believes that death is not the end of human existence. However, because Judaism is primarily focused on life here and now rather than on the afterlife, Judaism does not have much dogma about the afterlife, and leaves a great deal of room for personal opinion.

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Life After Death: The Ancient Egyptian Concept of the Soul by Caroline Seawright March 26, To the Ancient Egyptians, their soul - their being - were made up of many different parts.

What Are the Three Parts of Man?

Not only was there the physical form, but there were eight immortal or semi-divine parts that survived death, with the body making nine parts of a human. The concept of Ajiva in Jainism means "not soul", and represents matter (including body), time, space, non-motion and motion.

In Jainism, a Jiva is either samsari (mundane, caught in cycle of rebirths) or mukta (liberated). According to Genesis God did not make a body and put a soul into it like a letter into an envelope of dust; rather he formed man's body from the dust, then, by breathing divine breath into it, he made the body of dust live, i.e.

Weight of the Soul

the dust did not embody a soul, but it became a soul—a whole creature.

The concept of a soul in a man
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Ancient Theories of Soul (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)