How man has become the slave

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How a Man Becomes a Woman’s Slave

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He is similar on the machines, so they have faced over him. How Did the Slave Trade Affect Africa? Because of the high demands of the transatlantic slave trade, African coastal nations warred against nations on the interior for the sake of capturing humans.

How A Normal Girl Like Me Became Somebody’s Sex Slave

Over time, this devastated much of Africa, weakening once-wealthy nations and plunging the entire. The Thirteenth Amendment, unlike most provisions in the Constitution, is self-executing, in that it directly reaches-even without action by Congress- conduct by private individuals (slave holders).

I think I would be wrong if i say that man is a slave of the machines or technology as the nature of the human being is to make life better and better and for this he is making machines or using new technology to give us better and better,and there is nothing wrong if we care about our the man has become the friend of machine and gain total control over is using machine.

Although, it was a harsh punishment for an African slaved to become impregnated by a slave owner only for her child to become a slave, a slave being a “mulatto” had its benefits.

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How man has become the slave
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Funky Pumpkin : We Have Become Slaves Of Technology!!!