Dead man walking matthew poncelet essay

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Analysis of Dead Man Walking

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“Dead Man Walking” is an entertaining social problems film that gives viewers an inside look on the America’s highest form of punishment—the death penalty.

In this movie, Poncelet is charged with the rape and murder of a teenage couple and sentenced to die by lethal injection. It is the second book after her famous novel “Dead Man Walking”, that was adapted into a hit film by the same name, telling the story of Sister Prejean as she establishes a special relationship with Matthew Poncelet, an inmate on death row.

Although both criminals are guilty of heinous crimes, M's Hans Beckert arouses more sympathy than Dead Man Walking's Matthew Poncelet despite the fact that Beckert killed countless children and Poncelet is responsible for the murder of a young couple.

Capital Punishment in Dead Man Walking

The play ‘Dead Man Walking’ is about redemption. In the play, a story is told of a man put on a death row.

Dead Man Walking

The main characters in the play are, Matthew Poncelet (Seann Penn), who gains the company and friendship of a nun, Sister Helen Prejeon (Susan Sarandon).

Dead Man Walking is a film based on the book of the same name - it recounts the experiences of Sister Helen Prejean, a nun from Louisiana.

It focuses on her relationship with Matthew Poncelet, a convicted murderer on Death Row. Dead Man Walking In the movie Dead Man Walking a story is told about a man put on death row, Matthew Poncelet (Seann Penn), who gains the company and friendship of a nun, Sister Helen Prejeon (Susan Sarandon).

Through out the movie comments by characters are made to show thoughts and feelings about the death penalty and the people on death row.

Dead man walking matthew poncelet essay
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