An overview of the company profile of kao corporation

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Kao Corporation

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Kao Corporation SWOT Analysis

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View KAO KABUSHIKI KAISHA (ALSO TRADING AS KAO CORPORATION)'s, TOKYO, patent portfolio profile on Patent Buddy. Patent Buddy is the world's most extensive database and networking website for patent attorneys, agents and inventors helping inventors like KAO KABUSHIKI KAISHA (ALSO TRADING AS KAO CORPORATION) showcase inventions and connect to patent attorneys, patent.

Kao profiles. Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+. Summary: Mr. Kao Soban is Jinkao Saban Group CEO and chairman of the board, heading up the company that is operating businesses in a wide range of View Full Profile.

Public Profile. Kao Corporation Profile Kao's major products include such 'consumer products' as laundry detergents and shampoos; 'prestige cosmetics' that elicit natural beauty; and 'chemical products' that contribute to the development of various industries.

Committed to a global approach to business, Kao has operations in 27 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Nanchang Honsea Industrial Corporation Limited is located in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province.

Kao Corp in Beauty and Personal Care

We specialize in auto spare parts for all Chinese brands. Honsea leads to any place in the world, because there is no limit for sea. Kao Corporation is a chemical and cosmetics company, developing consumer product business that targets general consumers.

An overview of the company profile of kao corporation
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