An analysis of the effect of john hinckley jr on the insanity defense

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books. Start studying Competency vs Insanity. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. (result of John Hinckley Jr. case) What were the effects of the John Hinckley trial on the insanity defense?

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1. Received major backlash. Some questions and answers about John Hinckley Jr. and the insanity defense used after the assassination attempt on President Reagan. Hinckley, a recent successful use of the insanity defense On March 30,John W.

Hinckley, Jr., shot President Ronald Reagan, attempting to assassinate him.

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His defense attorneys did not dispute that he had planned and committed the attack. Jul 28,  · John Hinckley's not-guilty verdict prompted tighter restrictions on the insanity defense.

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An analysis of the effect of john hinckley jr on the insanity defense
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