A single man mise en scene

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Part 1: Basic Terms

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Part 4: Editing

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under the heading of mise-en-scene, the term’s definition is a mouthful, so a shorter definition is this: Mise-en-scene is the totality of expressive content within the image.” (5–6, italics in. Mise-en-scene in Citizen Kane and Persona Mise-en-scene is the principle by which a piece of film will derive its meaning wholly from what happens in the single shot.

under the heading of mise-en-scene, the term’s definition is a mouthful, so a shorter definition is this: Mise-en-scene is the totality of expressive content within the image.”.

Furthermore, the mise-en-scene becomes as equally, if not more, important than the characters, reducing everything to dour red, black and whites.

The feeling of claustrophobia is enhanced by the use of shallow space, having the characters become one with the austere backgrounds.

Part 1: Basic Terms

Mise-en-scene takes an important role in this sequence, as it strongly illustrates the powerlessness and irrelevance of Susan. In front of the vast empty fireplace completing her endless jigsaw puzzles, Susan kneels near the bottom of the frame, which symbolizes defencelessness and insignificance.

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